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cross docking warehouse

Cross Docking: Meaning and Method

Cross docking is a supply chain technique to improve warehouse logistics management. This distribution strategy involves the immediate processing and distribution of goods as soon as they arrive from the supplier, without them being handled and stored in the warehouse. In other words, the goods

air view of a ship

Incoterms CPT: what does it mean?

CPT, literally "Carriage Paid To" is one of the clauses in international sales contracts and is intended to specify that the seller is solely responsible for the shipment of the goods and their transportation.   By "transportation" the term CPT means the journey from the place of

Unloading the cruise ships new supplies

DAP Incoterms: Delivered at Place

Let's delve into one of Incoterms 2020, the rules for domestic and international commercial transactions in terms of ownership, payment and delivery: today we are talking about DAP, or "Delivered at Place," which is often associated with DDP, "Delivered Duty Paid." What do they mean


Bill Of Lading: what it is and how to fill it out

What is the Bill of Lading? The Bill of Lading (B/L) is a basic document of the transportation industry, used in domestic and international shipping. The Bill of Lading certifies: The boarding of the goods in a specific ship at a specific port. The carrier taking over

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Intermodal transport: what it is and what the advantages are

Intermodal transport is one of the main logistics areas that we deal with here at C.T.I. International Forwarder. It is a method of transferring goods that combines several means of transportation and is an interesting system for companies that want to improve the efficiency of