Author: Riccardo Buson

Environmental labeling of packaging: guidelines and obligations

In an increasingly eco-conscious world, packaging waste management is a relevant issue. Hence, environmental labeling of packaging has been introduced-an important tool for providing customers with increasingly comprehensive information about a given product. In particular, this labeling is used to identify the materials of which

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Milk run logistics: what it is and how it works

In logistics, the milk run system is a method of shipping goods used to transport stocks and raw materials from different suppliers to a single destination. It is an efficient logistics process, a real strategic tool for managing deliveries, and a great ally of warehouses


Customs clearance: what it means and how it works

In international trade, it can happen that goods, before reaching their destination, must go through customs clearance. For this process to take place safely and smoothly, it's important to know how the procedure works, which documents are required and what costs are involved. In this

flyer MIDO Eyewear Show 2022

C.T.I for MIDO: the official shippers of the eyewear show

  MIDO, the international optics, optometry and ophthalmology exhibition that will be in Rho Fiera Milano from April 30th to May 2nd 2022, is just around the corner. The eyewear show is organized by ANFAO, the Italian Association of Optical Goods Manufacturers, and we at C.T.I.

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Groupage Transport: A C.T.I. Service.

  Groupage transport is a particular type of shipment that consists in combining goods ordered by different customers into a single transport operation. In order to efficiently carry out groupage transport, it is necessary to precisely follow process at all times, that is, reception, storage, order