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Logistics management: the key to success for trade fairs

To plan the logistics of a trade fair, it is essential to take many factors into account and to precisely consider the steps to be taken. In fact, organizing these events in detail means to build a strategy to plan the transport and storage operations, which also includes establishing the timing, the most suitable means of transport and understanding the type of goods to be handled.

In recent years, we at C.T.I. International Forwarder have increasingly specialized in the transport of goods in the eyewear sector, including for trade fairs. To do this, we provide vehicles and specialized personnel to guarantee our customers a complete, accurate and personalized product pick-up and delivery service. In short, we take care of the complete logistics management: this is the key to a successful trade fair event.

Let’s look together at what is meant by ‘logistics management’ for events such as trade fairs and what are the most important steps to follow.

Managing trade fair logistics: what is it all about?

Logistics management is a supply chain process, which consists of planning and implementing the transport and storage of goods from the point of departure to the point of arrival, which in this specific case will be the trade fair venue.

Managing this activity in the best possible way ensures the correct handling of goods on time and reduces transport costs, for complete customer satisfaction. However, considering the duration of the process, it is necessary to deal with it in detail: from strategic planning to the supervision of each individual operation.

Logistics at an exhibition event: how to manage it

When organizing an exhibition event, logistics management plays a fundamental role. So it’s a good idea to analyze the main phases on which to focus your attention in order to ensure the success of the event.

Assessment of Technical and Design Requirements

The first step is the assessment of technical and design requirements. It starts with a discussion with the customer to understand together what the customer’s needs and objectives are, in order to offer a customized, fast and efficient service. In this way it is possible to accurately assess:

  • The type of goods to be handled
  • The most suitable means of transport
  • The time required for delivery

Adoption of a logistics strategy

After assessing the technical and design requirements, a strategy is devised. In this phase, tactics must be adopted to organize and optimize distribution processes, with the goal of reducing losses, maximizing profits, and satisfying the customer.

Tracking and tracing all operations

The entire logistics management process is long and complex, which is why it is necessary to track all operations. This makes it possible to manage time schedules and, in the event of unforeseen events, to intervene promptly, without creating difficulties for the customer.

Supervision and Control

Sometimes the customer may require support in setting up the stands. To ensure an all-round service, we work with trusted partners who complete the set-up operations to a high standard, guaranteeing a complete job and maximum customer satisfaction.


We at C.T.I. International Forwarder take care of both public and private trade fairs, all over the world, even in the most difficult countries, thanks to a dense network of relationships and the experience and passion that characterizes our staff. If you need support, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to offer you the best service for your business.