Cross trade shipments

What are cross trade shipments


Cross Trade shipments involve the direct transport of goods from the production country to the destination country, bypassing the country of origin. This practice offers excellent flexibility and allows for the optimization of routes, thus reducing transport times and costs.


Strategic advantages

Cross Trade shipments offer significant strategic advantages: from optimizing time and costs to flexibility in management, everything is designed to ensure total control over shipments.

  1. Optimization of time and costs

By eliminating the passage through the country of origin, transport times are significantly reduced, and associated costs are optimized accordingly.

  1. Increased supply chain flexibility

Products can be sent directly from suppliers to recipients, simplifying the logistic management of the entire shipping process.

  1. Risk reduction and improved control

Avoiding passage through the country of origin reduces risks related to regulatory changes or political instability. Moreover, C.T.I. offers constant monitoring to ensure total control over shipments.

C.T.I.’s experience

C.T.I. boasts proven experience in managing Cross Trade shipments, providing tailor-made solutions for the specific needs of our clients. Our global logistic expertise, in fact, allows us to create efficient routes, ensuring timely and secure deliveries.

We successfully manage numerous Cross Trade shipments every day – by air, sea, and land – allowing our clients from various sectors to gain significant strategic advantages.


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