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Milk run logistics: what it is and how it works

In logistics, the milk run system is a method of shipping goods used to transport stocks and raw materials from different suppliers to a single destination. It is an efficient logistics process, a real strategic tool for managing deliveries, and a great ally of warehouses


Customs clearance: what it means and how it works

In international trade, it can happen that goods, before reaching their destination, must go through customs clearance. For this process to take place safely and smoothly, it's important to know how the procedure works, which documents are required and what costs are involved. In this

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Intermodal transport: what it is and what the advantages are

Intermodal transport is one of the main logistics areas that we deal with here at C.T.I. International Forwarder. It is a method of transferring goods that combines several means of transportation and is an interesting system for companies that want to improve the efficiency of

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Order Picking: what it is and how it works

Order picking is one of the most important steps in the order fulfilment process, but it is also one of the expensive as its costs typically amount to more than half of warehouse management costs. This is precisely why it is important to know how

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Declaration of preferential origin: meaning and regulations

Obtaining the status of preferential origin for your products is key for exporting companies that wish to take advantage of the benefits that can be obtained from this condition. In general, the origin of your products, i.e. their “economic nationality”, is a fundamental concept to

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Integrated logistics: what is it and how does it work?

Over the years, here at C. T. I. International Forwarder our specialization in the integrated logistics sector has increased as we consistently adapt our approach to ensure that all our customers’ needs are satisfied. But what exactly does this type of logistics entail? This concept

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Why is my merchandise taking so long to arrive?

Among the various problems triggered by the Coronavirus there are also those related to logistics, such as the shortage of containers worldwide.This has consequences for both producers and distributors, causing both delays and increases in transport costs, so much so that the Financial Times has

Concepts of origin

The subject is highly complex but we will try to provide a basic idea; for a closer look, the CTI staff will be at your full disposal. Non preferential origin and preferential originThe concept of “origin” has become important especially for consumer protection. In the customs