Customs clearance services

Customs clearance services are one of the fundamental pillars for seamless logistics. As C.T.I., we offer our expertise to simplify the border crossing process, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

The customs clearance process

Our specialized team handles the acquisition of necessary documents, ensuring compliance with current regulations and managing authorization requests. The goal is to ensure a smooth process for a fluid shipment. Here are all the key stages of a customs clearance process.

#1 Documentation preparation   Before starting the customs clearance process, it is necessary to prepare the required documentation. This can include the commercial invoice, packing list, customs declaration, and other relevant documents.  
#2 Goods classification   Goods must be correctly classified according to the goods classification system used in the destination country. This step determines the taxes and duties that may be applied.  
#3 Customs valuation   Customs authorities assess the value of the goods to determine the amount of taxes and duties to be applied. This assessment is often based on the commercial invoice and may also include the cost of transport and insurance.  
#4 Payment of taxes and duties   Once the taxes and duties are determined, payment must be made before the goods can be cleared through customs.  
#5 Submission of the customs declaration   The customs declaration, containing detailed information about the goods, must be submitted to the customs authorities. This document is essential for obtaining clearance authorization.  
#6 Inspection and verification   Goods may be subject to inspections and verifications by customs authorities to ensure that the documentation is correct and that the goods comply with regulations.  
#7 Release of goods   After completing all procedures and paying taxes and duties, the goods are authorized for release and can be picked up or delivered to the recipient.  
#8 Transmission of information to customs systems   In some cases, it is necessary to electronically transmit clearance-related information to the customs systems of the destination country.

Each country may have specific regulations and particular procedures in the customs clearance process, which is why it is important to be familiar with local regulations.


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Customs tariffs and associated costs

Customs tariffs are duties or taxes applied to goods imported or exported across a country’s borders. These tariffs are set by the government and are designed to regulate international trade, protect the national industry, and generate revenue for the government.

Customs tariffs can vary depending on the type of goods and the country involved in the trade. The costs associated with customs tariffs include not only the tariffs themselves but also any additional expenses related to customs procedures and the management of import or export.


Assistance and monitoring

With C.T.I., you can ensure comprehensive assistance and monitoring services for the import and export activities of goods. We stand by your side throughout the journey, guaranteeing you maximum peace of mind and the utmost security for your shipments.


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