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Why is my merchandise taking so long to arrive?

Among the various problems triggered by the Coronavirus there are also those related to logistics, such as the shortage of containers worldwide. This has consequences for both producers and distributors, causing both delays and increases in transport costs, so much so that the Financial Times has

Concepts of origin

The subject is highly complex but we will try to provide a basic idea; for a closer look, the CTI staff will be at your full disposal. Non preferential origin and preferential origin The concept of “origin” has become important especially for consumer protection. In the customs

pallets to load

Groupage Transport: A C.T.I. Service.

  Groupage transport is a particular type of shipment that consists in combining goods ordered by different customers into a single transport operation. In order to efficiently carry out groupage transport, it is necessary to precisely follow process at all times, that is, reception, storage, order



The harmonized system (in English Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System or, simply, Harmonized System - abbreviated as HS code) is a standardized system of nomenclature of customs tariffs that classifies each individual product through the use of a series of numbers.