logistica farmaceutica

Pharmaceutical logistics: guarantee of safe and reliable shipments

In the constant development of pharmaceutical logistics, ensuring reliability and safety in shipping methods has become an essential prerogative. The traceability of the pharmaceutical products' journey, preservation measures, and quality control are just a few of the key elements of the correct distribution chain, which in

merci deperibili

Logistics in the transportation of perishable goods

In the complex universe of transporting perishable goods, ensuring a quality service to preserve the original characteristics of the goods in transit is essential. This responsibility requires, in logistics management, a precise combination of organization and attention to detail. Rigorous control during transportation is crucial to

Flat Rack container for the transport of bulky goods

Flat Rack container for the transport of bulky goods

Flat Rack containers are specialized solutions for transporting voluminous and out-of-shape goods. With an open structure and variable dimensions, they offer versatility in adapting to complex loads, ensuring efficient and safe transportation both on the road and via sea or rail.     Introduction to Flat Rack Containers:

Management and prevention of goods transportation damages

Management and prevention of goods transportation damages

In the realm of transportation and logistics, the secure management of goods is an absolutely crucial aspect, if not the most relevant, to ensure the success and reputation of a company. In this article, we will explore the challenges related to transportation damages, analyzing the causes,

goods traceability

Optimizing transportation with goods traceability

Goods traceability is undoubtedly the cornerstone on which modern shipping operations rest. From the accurate management of information to the security of sensitive data, every step counts to ensure a reliable and efficient service for the customer. Investing in advanced traceability systems is more than

dangerous goods transportation

Dangerous goods transportation: the complete guide

The transportation of dangerous goods is an essential practice in many industries, but it requires in-depth knowledge and the adoption of rigorous safety regulations. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the fundamentals of dangerous goods transportation, focusing on the importance of Kemler codes, the ADR

events logistic

Transportation and shipments for events and trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions represent a crucial moment for many companies, offering the opportunity to promote their products and services to a wide audience. However, organizing participation in a trade show is not simple and, in fact, it requires detailed planning. One of the most critical

camion per trasporti di valore

Luxury logistics and high-value shipments

In the captivating world of luxury, every detail matters, and not even the most hidden or unimaginable dynamics surrounding this sector should be left to chance. From works of art to high-class jewelry, from exclusive range products to precious goods, logistics, and shipments play a

aereo cargo and logistics

Post-Brexit logistics and transportation in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom's decision to exit the European Union, widely known as Brexit, has had a significant impact on various sectors of the country, including logistics and transportation, since 2020. But what are the concrete new regulations and challenges that businesses still face when it


Goods storage: what it is and how it works

Everything you need to know about the storage of goods, from the beginning of the process to how it works. Goods storage is a fundamental activity for the management of supply and distribution within a company's warehouse. Its main objectives include ensuring the protection of goods